The City of Arleon was founded on the blood, sweat and tears of many who once dreamed of a great place.

In modern nights, the city is stained with sin and darkness, and those who remain hidden from the light of what is considered the modern truth.

Vampires cavort and rule, casting down their brand of justice from the shadows. With their influence intertwined in the politics of mortals their machinations are the dead hand the holds the city with a white knuckled grip.

From beyond all but the most debased imagination of mortal civilization exists a eldrich land half in dream. These are the lands of the Fey and they draw nearer and nearer with each perversion enacted, each unjust or immoral action that takes place. It is here in the realm of Arcadia a strange folk dwells, stained by the tainted wills of many. They are a creation of denial that gets stronger with neglect. It is from here these strange folk steal mortals from their lives, by whim or curiosity, forever lost and never to be the same again. Except for those few that manage to escape who do so at such a heavy cost to their existence. the choice to continue is a struggle in its own. They are the lost of Arleon, changed forever. Changeling.